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    Stars! Strategist

    Screenshots: Added 3/7/04

    Second round of screenshots. Some animated ones even!
    This one is a resized version of the new population density view. This one is a little slow because it computes a 3d surface to do the shading.

    This one is an animated gif of pressing "play" in the bottom toolbar and watching things move. This view has the territory view turned on and planets are sized by population.   
    A comparison shot of 2 of the new views, the density one above and the "contour" mode. It draws the player territories as "contour" lines like a terrain map would have. This one is pretty slow too!

    Screenshots: Added 3/2/04

    First round of screenshots. There are more to come!

    The main view with the planets table in the left pane, with player territories shown and planets sized by population

    The same starmap view, but this one showing the player details in the left pane

    The main view with the planets table in the left pane hidden, with player territories shown, and planets drawn with mineral concentrations shown. Note that this map is showing a different year than the ones above.

    A bar chart showing planets owned by each player. The bar chart reacts with using the "play" button or by scrubbing back and forth on the slider.

    A line chart showing the population for each race over all of the loaded data.

    Stars! Copyright (©) 1995-2001 Jeff Johnson & Jeff McBride

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